Sex Positions That Helps Achieve Pregnancy Fast – 6 Tips to Get You Pregnant Right Now!

The Art of Conception

Obviously, when a man’s sperm goes inside a woman’s vagina and fertilizes her egg. This is how she becomes pregnant. Many couples have a hard time conceiving for a number of different reasons. Sometimes this has to do with a low sperm count. Some couples need a little help to get pregnant.

Sex Positions That Helps Achieve Pregnancy Fast

1. The missionary position, is known to be the best position for getting pregnant. The reason for this is because the man is able to get the deepest penetration.

2. It is a good idea to raise her hips because the female cervix will be able to get all the sperm that your partner releases.

3. The doggie style position when the man enters the woman from behind is also recommended. This way, the sperm is placed closest to the cervix, giving you a much greater chance for conception.

4. The spoon position puts no pressure on the women’s abdomen. The woman lies on her side and the man enters her from behind pulling his body close to hers.

5. The leapfrog position is perfect when the woman starts to feel uncomfortable with the man’s weight pushing down on her. The woman kneels down on the bed with her legs spread wide as the man enters her from behind.

6. The spread eagle position is when the woman lies face down with the man on top of her. She needs to spread her legs and the man will support his weight using his arms. If she raises her bottom a little, with the aid of a pillow under her hips, then the man will be able to get deeper penetration. These sex positions should help you achieve pregnancy fast.