Pregnancy & Fertility – Advancing Maternal Age – Whether To Become Pregnant, Give Birth & Have Baby?

Pregnancy, Fertility and Maternal Age

Maternal age has received a lot of attention and we are all familiar now with stories of women in their 50’s and 60’s having babies. But many women are very concerned about their age. Indeed, a significant proportion of the women I speak to mention age as a factor in their fertility.

The image of the biological clock ticking away is very powerful in the collective mind of woman. Along with various statistics related to disability etc., this causes a lot of stress for women who want to be mothers. We receive strong messages that it is not ‘good’ or ‘right’ for more mature women to have babies.

Is Pregnancy Right For You Now?

Perhaps it is time now to reclaim your power from the elusive biological clock and even statistics and return instead in the wisdom of your body. YOUR body is utterly unique. If you are wondering about having a baby as you advance in years, just pause for a while. Breath and sit quietly with your eyes closed.

Ask yourself the question if having a baby is right for you now. Is this the truth that really wants to be expressed through you now? And just notice the response…how your body feels… images that come up. You have come here for a reason…to fulfill your own beautiful destiny. You are the only one who can tap into what that is.

To discover whether or not it is ‘right’ for you to have a baby now, release norms and clocks and go within. I know this can be difficult on your own. As a result, reprogramming your relationship with your biological clock is one of the issues addressed in my inspired fertility programme.

However, this exercise will help you to begin to connect with your body, your wisdom and your unique purpose again so that you can make the best decision for you.