Women’s Self Defense-Sexual Assault Prevention Tips

Believe it or not there are several things that women can do to be pro active in preventing sexual assaults and possibly rapes. Knowing how an attacker thinks can work to your advantage. Potential victims can learn from these facts and put a plan in place to be better prepared to fend off an assault.

THE LOCATION. The most common place for an assault is a grocery store parking lot. Attackers figure that a victim’ hands and minds are distracted and are easy prey. Knowing this can make you better prepared and more on guard to fend off an attacker.

THE TIME. The most common time for an attack is early morning. Think about it-there are less people around and thus less witnesses. Knowing this can put you on guard if you must be out and about in the early am.

THE LOOK. It is a fact that women with long hair specifically ponytails or braids that can easily be grabbed are more likely targets than women with short hair. It is just a fact! Attackers also look for women wearing loose fitting clothing.

THE FIGHT. It is also a fact that if ANY resistance is in the offing, most attackers move on quickly. They are expecting little or no resistance. When they encounter resistance it takes more time which increase the chances of discovery.

THE CARRY. How you carry yourself makes an impression. If your head is up and you walk confidently and quickly you are less likely a target than someone with their head down and walking slowly-just a fact.

WHAT YOU CARRY. If you carry a pepper spray, taser, or stun gun and know how to use it not only will it give you a better sense of confidence but will also give you time to escape if you need to use it.

Learn from these facts about assaults and develop a plan to protect yourself.

Please Note that even though pepper spray is legal in all 50 states, some states and cities have restrictions. Some states and cities have restrictions on stun guns. Check with your local police department. Literally thousands of police departments carry and use pepper spray and stun guns. Why wouldn’t you?

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