Why Are Women Attracted To Fame So Much?

I always used to wonder, why are women attracted to fame so much? I remember always seeing popular guys get women, whether they were rich or poor. Of course, I was most amazed when guys that were much more poor than me used to get much more women than me. In fact, I used to be so jealous of these guys that I would refuse to hang out with these kinds of guys. It was in fact my inner sabotage mechanism that wanted to keep me from being successful with women.

I just could never get it. I never even understood that this might be something that is hard-wired in women and that they can’t control it. Yes, this is the ultimate truth. Women are almost like sheep when it comes to following the herd of what society promotes. They go with the fame as instinctive reaction. If they see other girls going after a guy, they won’t ask themselves logically “Hmm, this is interesting, all these women are going after this popular guy. Well, let me first see why are they exactly chasing him, and then I will determine whether I am going to feel attraction for him.” No, they simply feel an inner drive to also pursue this guy! In fact studies have proven this effect and marketing uses it to promote bands. They show a band that has zero fans and no one knows about, in their first video having screaming girls stalking them. And it works! Women all over the world start falling for it and falling for them.

I am so thankful that I have learned this information, because now, I can use this to my advantage. Women have been genetically programmed to go after the guy that is popular because his genes are more attractive and might produce babies with attractive genes. Have you ever noticed that even losers who are lucky enough to get on TV, also have women giving them attention? This is because the attraction mechanism is not logical. It just operated the way it has operated for thousands of years. It doesn’t examine whether those guys have truly attractive genes.

Use this to your advantage. Develop yourself, especially your inner self. Remember that women will just notice the guy who stands out the most. You don’t have to be famous, but you do need to stand out.

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