A Girl’s Best Friend – Why Self Defense Products Are a Woman’s Ally

Self defense products increase a woman’s safety while traveling or commuting

If you have ever found yourself walking in an unfamiliar neighborhood after dark or navigating a new place on your own, you may have wished you had a little additional personal security. Plenty of women who commute to work or frequently travel look to self defense products to bolster their preparedness and ability to protect themselves. Non-lethal weapons like pepper spray or stun guns are easily concealed in a handbag or coat pocket and may be able to provide you with life saving minutes if you are confronted by an attacker while on the road. Pepper spray can temporarily blind an assailant while a stun gun will immobilize a surprise attacker. Both products will buy you time and help you escape to safety.

Self defense products protect women incapable of physically defending themselves

Many women attend self defense workshops and classes to learn how to physically defend themselves in the event of an attack. However, a large percentage of women are not as confident in their abilities to physically react in a surprise situation. Older women, disabled women, and women of shorter stature frequently turn to self defense weapons to help bolster their own abilities to protect themselves and increase their sense of comfort and safety. Women who are more physically fit may want to add a Kubotan to their key chain. A Kubotan is a small nightstick type weapon which helps to amplify blows to a person’s body. Women who are less physically able may opt for a Taser, which can deploy an electrode from up to fifteen feet away, incapacitating a victim for up to thirty seconds.

Self defense products are proven to effectively save women’s lives

Women everywhere prefer using non-lethal self defense weapons because they offer a relatively non-violent way to save their own lives. Pepper spray, stun guns, Kubotans, and tasers, are all designed to temporarily incapacitate a victim, while not severely interfering with life giving functions or organs. Non-lethal self defense weapons are also safe to carry and operate, while alternatives like handguns or knives pose safety threats to the user and potential fatal consequences to the recipients of their force. Thanks to self defense weapons like the ones mentioned in this article, thousands of women every year are able to avoid injury and escape life threatening situations.