Superpower Seduction Strategies – How to Attract Women Like a Professional Player

A woman’s mind is most often unpredictable and they enjoy playing the cat and mouse game with men. They do so by flirting at times and cold shouldering them the next time. So if you plan to get your woman where you want her to be then you must firstly learn to get to know them well.

Understand how their minds work and then gradually start working on seductions tactics that will stand for no nonsense. You will find that there are a couple of amazing techniques regarding how to go about transforming your techniques on dating. Read on to discover the killer “superpower” seduction strategies and achieve killer results fast…

Superpower Seduction Strategies – How To Attract Women Like A Professional Player

Charismatic Seduction – Keep in mind that charisma is a basic tool for any seduction. If you are not charismatic then make it a point to develop it. It is a key ingredient in dating and seduction techniques. A charismatic man is very attractive to women by way of actions and communication.

Indifference – One of the seduction superpower tricks are to turn tables your way such that you have the girl going bonkers over you. Bring them down from where they are by behaving indifferently, so that they crave for your attention. And if you intend to flirt be subtle about it.

Don’t Be Easy To Figure Out – Most women or girls have an inborn sense that tells them whether they are liked by certain guys or not. Once she gets a hint that someone is showing an interest, she will rule the roost, so always try to mask the fact that you would like to get to know her better. This way you will definitely have one over her.

This discreet method has the influence to put woman in a position such that they want you so much and will go to any lengths to get you. But this is one method that has to be used with care and decency.

Make Her Feel “Normal” – It would be ideal if you don’t make the girl you are after, feel very special. Instead give them the feeling that there is something unfathomable about you and make her curious to get to know you better. But do make quite that you do not offend her emotions in any way.