Self Defence For Women Is A Priority

The fairer sex may have reached the moon today and are practically everywhere when it comes to walking shoulder to shoulder with men, but strangely enough, when it comes to self defence, women either live under the impression that “nothing bad” will happen to them, or depend on the male members of their family to “take care” of them. While it’s nice to give the men an ego boost, this is a really regressive way of thinking and can be really damaging for women. Women today, need to learn how to protect themselves from predators even in the most unlikely of places.

Why you should consider self defence

This is precisely the reason why women must be adept at self defence. Consider some statistics. In America alone, a woman is raped and one out of every four women you meet may have been the victim of some unthinkable crime! Horrifying isn’t it? Well, if you are woman reading this, now is the time to do something about it! You are insured against ill health or any other emergency right? Then why not learn a form of martial arts as insurance for your physical self! It is not only for your own interest but for the sake of your family that you should make it a point to take up something like karate, ju jitsu or taekwondo.

Are you feeling intimidated reading about it, for you feel that all of these are activities of men? A proper lady does not get all sweaty and roughed up! Well, first things first, things such as taekwondo, karate or even the Brazilian ju jitsu do not take away anything from your womanhood! If anything they contribute towards building your self confidence and are also great forms of workout that help you keep fit and healthy.

Begin with a preliminary course

If you are not too sure about taking up a full course in self defence at the beginning, try and begin with something like kickboxing that will give you the confidence in taking up a martial art form. Kickboxing or even kettleball can serve a great prelim for a self defence class, as they build up your stamina and increase your flexibility. Once you feel ready you can choose from a martial art form that you think you would like and enjoy the most learning.

There is no martial art that can be classified as “easy” or “difficult”, just that there are different levels. As a preparation you can also choose to do some of your own research on the internet to find out what you are most comfortable with. You need not become a master or attain the highest level in whichever form of self defence you choose, but be sure to learn enough and practice enough, so that you can put it to good use if, God forbid, a situation may demand it off you.

Once you have learnt some form of self defence, you will find that it has brought about a positive change in your life. So if you are still living in that protective cocoon, its time to step out and learn to protect yourself!

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