Powerful Skin Minerals That Can Wipe Off Stretch Marks

Nobody wants to have stretch marks on their skin. These marks make your skin look ugly whether they are half an inch or totally spread around your thighs, tummy and other areas. While you can hide them under your clothes, you can not cover them up forever; so you might as well deal with stretch marks head on.

Basically, stretch marks develop when you abruptly add up or reduce weight. Just like when someone is pregnant or into body building, the drastic changes that happen in the body bring about rapid stretching or contracting which leaves some form of scarring in the skin. These scars called stretch marks usually appear as white, reddish or purplish lines in the thighs, breasts, shoulders and hip areas.

When it comes to skin problems like stretch marks, it is always best to bring the fight inside your body rather than on the surface of your skin. Meaning, you have to do some changes in your lifestyle and, more importantly, increase your intake of some essential nutrients and minerals to help your skin push out the scarred layers.

Naturally, your very first job is to know where you stand at this very minute in terms of your habits and daily routine. In other words, you have to be aware of some aspects of your lifestyle which may not be beneficial for the health of your skin. For instance, if you love processed and junk foods, coffee or soft drinks, then it is time to cut back on these stuff because not only do they contribute to weight gain, but they also reduce the elasticity of your skin.

So, if you really want to reduce or eliminate the appearance of stretch marks anywhere on your skin, you must make some serious overhauling in your diet. This does not mean that you should totally stop enjoying the food that you love. But significantly reducing your intake of food that can damage the skin plus help from nutrients and minerals that are considered as food for your skin have been proven to wipe out unwanted spots on the skin such as stretch marks.

The Magic Of Silicon

One of the most important substances needed by your skin is silicon. This skin food is vital in the production of collagen which, in turn, is responsible for your skin’s elasticity. It is also needed for the optimum functioning of your immune system; a strong immune system is important in flushing out toxins that can damage the skin. Why do you think doctors use silicon for cosmetic implants?

No, you are not going to have skin implants for your stretch marks, so you don’t have to be scared at the mere mention of this substance. To ensure that you have adequate amounts of silicon in your skin, you can include soy beans, whole grains, green vegetables, and bell peppers on your daily diet.

The Power Of Zinc

Zinc has always been a mainstay on the list of important skin nutrients. It also plays a big role in the production of collagen; but more than that, it is needed for the fast healing of wounds. And stretch marks essentially are ruptures under your skin. Sunflower seeds, egg yolks, mushrooms and seafood are some of the most abundant sources of zinc.

The Miracle Of Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids are needed by all the cells in your body for their proper functioning. As for your skin, these fatty acids can greatly help in the reinvigoration of your skin tissues. Essential fatty acids will allow you to produce newer layers of skin as you shed off the surface that is scarred with stretch marks. Deepwater fish like salmon, flaxseed and other vegetable oils are the main sources of essential fatty acids.

For many, eliminating stretch marks does not come fast and easy. Well, apart from the important skin minerals mentioned above, you can use products like Strevaxl to help you improve the appearance of your skin. You need all the help you can get in fighting stretch marks; you can visit http://www.strevaxl.com for more details.

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