Pink Bridesmaid Dress: Tips for Looking Great in Pink

Pink is a very popular theme for weddings and seems to be timeless. With the simplicity and softness of the color to the bold and standout of varying shades, it is a color that most brides find a way to fit into their wedding day. Now you are in a wedding and the bride has decided on pink bridesmaid dresses for her day. But you have never been a “pink” lady and you are fretting about how to make it all work. So how can you change it up and still look good?

Here are some great tips to help keep all eyes on the bride and not the color of your bridesmaid dress.

1. Makeup. Wearing a bright colored eye shadow or blush is never a good idea when your dress color is doing the talking. Opting for a more muted or skin toned color will help to accentuate the beauty of the dress without interfering or clashing with the colors. It is best to wear a neutral shade of lipstick along with a muted eye shadow. Tone down the eyes and instead accentuate them with a little liner and mascara. You could even try some subtle falsh eyelashes but be careful not to overdo it or you will have a different issue all together. The point here is to draw attention to your eyes and face rather than your dress, but not in a bad way. A soft pink blush or one that complements your skin tone is best to keep the overall color scheme neutral. By following some common sense makeup tips the only thing that will stand out is you and not your makeup.

2. Shoes. If the bride agrees, opt for a pair of nude sandals or shoes neutral or muted in color. This way the first thing the eye sees will be you and not your shoes. Sometimes black looks beautiful with pink if it is a bolder color pink and sandals are great because regardless of the color shoe, the skin tone contrasts with the color of the sandal and helps to tone down the shoe if it is a brighter color.

3. Wear a Cover Up. If it is a chilly evening or day, a cover up is always a great way to break up a color. Choose a shrug or shawl once again in a nice muted color. Since the cover up will more than likely only be used to go in and out of cars and venues, it is not as important as the makeup, shoes and accessories but you want to be prepared for pictures in the event someone starts snapping away.

4. Accessorize. Don’t over accessorize but wear something you love that makes you feel good about yourself. Your favorite necklace or earrings. Maybe you have a bracelet that you always wear and means something special to you. As long as it is simple and doesn’t clash with the color of the dress, it is fine to wear. If it makes you feel good, wear it.

5. Redhead?. Some say redheads should stay away from pinks but not necessarily. Just be sure to tone down the makeup and pull your hair up or back with some elegant pins to keep the color of your hair from clashing with the pink in the dress. This will help to detract from the colors clashing and the focus will shift to your face, rather than your hair color.

Pink Bridesmaid Dresses are a beautiful compliment to the bride’s color theme. The tone of the wedding will be set with your walk down the aisle as you and the bridal party introduce the guests to the bride for the first time.

Following these common sense tips will go a long way in helping you look and feel your best and enable you to enjoy the day and relish in your friend’s happiness.