Penis Protection From Winter Weather

Cuddling up by a nice roaring fire is a great way to beat the icy winter weather – but unfortunately, most men can’t spend the entire winter that way. Venturing out into the cold and the wind is a reality all have to face, and it pays to think about some penis protection strategies for the cold months. Penis health isn’t only a warm weather affair, of course, so taking steps to protect the member from the throes of winter is well worth it.

So what penis protection steps can a man take to keep his willie warm during winter?

Bundle up.

When heading out into a snowstorm – or just an intensely cold day, it pays to be well bundled up. People are very good about putting on scarves, gloves and hats, and many people layer themselves in sweaters as well as coats. But not every guy pays proper attention to the penis. There are several things a guy can do to help keep his manhood warmer. One simple DIY method is to place a sock inside the underwear, either wrapping it around the penis or sticking the penis inside of the sock’s open top. Wearing more than one pair of underwear can also help – for example, wearing a jock covered by a pair of briefs covered by boxers can be a good way to keep the cold away. And, especially for those athletically inclined who jog or run in the cold weather, wind briefs – which provide extra padding in the crotch – can be a good alternative. And this really should go without saying, but for those men who prefer to go commando – reserve this habit for the warmer days and put on at least one pair of underwear for the cold.

Warm up before going outside.

The penis will better resist the cold if it starts from a warmer place. Make sure that the house or apartment is sufficiently warm before getting dressed. If a guy has showered recently, be sure the penis is totally dry, a sweetness will make the penis that much colder. Add an extra layer of penis protection by warming the penis up in front of a fire (if one is handy), a heating source (without getting too close) or by rubbing it with one’s hands (if one can resist the urge to masturbate).

Tuck it in.

Sometimes a dude just needs to step outside for a few minutes and doesn’t want to go to the bother of layering on the underwear or standing in front of a fire. In such cases, one age old trick is to take the penis and tuck it down between the legs. It’s only a temporary solution, but it can work when just, say, quickly taking the garbage cans out to the street corner.

Stay excited.

The penis is naturally much warmer when it is erect. Cold air tends to have a deflating effect on the penis, but some men find that going outdoors with a full erection often provides enough heat for a while to keep away the excess cold.

Winter months also require penis protection beyond just the effects of cold weather, so reliable use of a top notch penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) is desirable. For example, cold weather often dries out penis skin, even when the member is not directly exposed to the air. For that reason, guys need a crème with a combination of moisturizing agents, such as shea butter and vitamin E. Penile circulation can also take a beating in the winter, so find a crème that also includes L-arginine. This amino acid helps boost nitric oxide, which in turn helps penile blood vessels expand, making them more receptive to warming blood flow.