Ovarian Cysts: Pregnancy Problems And Cysts On Ovaries

Ovarian cysts can make it hard for a woman to get pregnant. This is so especially when cysts on ovaries rupture or when they cause other complications that negatively affect a woman’s reproductive system. Here is what you should know about ovarian cysts and pregnancy.

An ovarian cyst rupture can cause pregnancy problems. This is because a cyst burst may damage the ovaries and thus making it impossible for the woman to ovulate. This will in turn make it impossible for fertilization to occur and as a result, the affected woman will not be able to get pregnant. Where only one ovary is affected by the rupturing of an ovarian cyst, a woman may still get pregnant, although one might face some difficulties so far as conceiving is concerned. However, if cysts on ovaries completely damage both ovaries, there are chances that the woman may have to deal with permanent infertility for the rest of her life.

Complications may also arise as a result of ovarian cysts. Some of these complications may affect the ability of a woman to get pregnant. A common complication of cysts on ovaries is infection, especially when a cyst burst occurs. These complications may affect other parts of the uterus such as the endometrial lining, something which might lead to problems during implantation of the egg after fertilization. Complications of cysts may also cause scarring in the fallopian tubes, uterus and other parts of the reproductive system that play a significant role when it comes to pregnancy. This might lead to pregnancy problems.

In severe cases, ovarian cysts may make it necessary for a woman to have surgery. Where the cysts are large, the removal of a cyst may cause damage to the ovaries, something which might cause permanent infertility. Since surgery is a risky procedure, damage to the ovaries may just be as a result of an accident. It may also be necessary to remove the ovaries and all other parts of a woman’s reproductive system such as the uterus and fallopian tubes to prevent recurrence of some types of cysts, such as chocolate cysts which are usually associated with endometriosis.

While it is possible for ovarian cysts to cause pregnancy problems, this happens rarely. In addition to this, the above complications can be prevented, especially with the use of natural methods. It is also possible to prevent most of the complications that cause infertility when the cysts are detected early.