How to Talk Any Woman Out of Her Pants – Four Ways to Attract Women

One of the most famous myths about attracting women is to be a cocky, humorous, and a somewhat arrogant kind of a guy. This technique is a fun way to start off a conversation with a woman, but rarely will it ever work if you think that this is the only method on how to talk any woman out of her pants.

The truth is that most guys think that more they act like a jerk, the more women will fall in love with them, but sadly the majority of women out there will be completely turned off by this behavior, so any efforts that you put into this routine will be futile if you are hoping to meet someone to date on a regular basis.

Here are four tips on attracting women:

First of all, in contrast to being cocky and funny, why not be charming?

Women love men who are engaging, funny and adventurous. You can tell her funny stories to make her laugh; tell some good jokes; and just be relaxed with her company and conversation. Being charming means that you can be funny without being a disrespectful jerk to her, and she will most definitely appreciate you all the more for it.

The bottom line is that women like guys who are fun to be around, so try to have fun with her without it being at her expense.

Secondly, you should continually smile and give off good body language. The more simple way to do this is to smile at her during your conversation and keep your body language relaxed and open. Women can pick up a man who is not confident in himself from a mile away, so try to demonstrate that you are not intimidated by being more suave then odd in your posture, mannerisms, facial expressions and tonality.

Thirdly, please get rid of your scripts, or common dating routine lines, because every woman that you meet is going to have different interests and passions, so you will need to listen to her and build on her interests during the conversation.

Lastly, always remember to treat women with respect and kindness. Even if you are really anxious to have sex with them and really just want to know how to talk any woman out of her pants, just keep it in mind that women need to be treated well and not taken advantage of.

Make sure that you are coming from an honest place and not using routine lies to get into her pants because only men who lack self esteem go out of their way to use and hurt women.

Be a nice guy, act charming, and remember that women love honest, fun and exciting men who they can talk to, openly, and would rather not engage with an arrogant, cocky jerk who only shoots from below his hip.