Miraclesuit Swimwear – Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Seconds

“Lose ten pounds in ten seconds.” Sounds too go to be true? Miraclesuit swimwear makes this claim in their ads. Well we are going to take a look at this and see if you can really appear to lose ten pounds in ten seconds. Miraclesuit swimsuits are made of an innovative fabric they call Miratex.

Miratex has three times more spandex then a normal bathing suit. The Miraclesuit is designed and engineered to be comfortable and breathable. They are designed so that the greater “pull back” of the fiber goes around the body in a slimming but comfortable way eliminating the need for bulky under garments or girdles. The upper parts of the suits (bust area) have several different designs depending on the woman’s need. They include soft cups, hidden underwires, foam bras, and foam bras with underwires.

The Miraclesuit swimwear is designed to appeal to women of all ages and sizes.

With around twenty different styles swimwear from Miraclesuit has a design to fit just about anyone’s taste. Anything from an elegant backyard party to taking the kids to the pool you’re covered. They also have a Cover-up line of swimsuits. The Cover-up swimsuits strategically place fabric in certain areas of the suit to add a slimming appearance usually by placing a scarf, a shirt, or a skirt to accent certain areas and camouflage trouble spots especially around areas that you feel need covering up. With the right patterns these strategically places items can definitely make you appear slimmer. Miraclesuit swimwear does a great job of the patterns and placements of these items.

Miraclesuit swimwear with their patented Miratex fabric does seem to be able to back up the claim that you can “lose ten pounds in ten seconds” although I am not positive you can put on a swimsuit in ten seconds. Along with the thinning appearance you also get a comfortable, long lasting swimsuit. With lots of choices of style, design, color, and patterns. The Miraclesuit swimsuits collection has something for everyone.

Miraclesuit has come out with some new patterns for the upcoming summer. These new patterns include bold graphic designs, re-imagined Hawaiian prints, and luscious tropical and floral prints along with skins that look more graphic than floral.

The prices of the suits vary depending on the style you choose starting at around sixty-one dollars for a swim skirt to around one-hundred and forty eight dollars for an elegant one piece swimsuit. So they are reasonably priced and really can you pay too much to look thinner and get a great swimsuit that slims and hides trouble spots?

Swimsuits from Miraclesuit are innovated products that backs up their claim of “lose ten pounds in ten seconds” and you will look good doing it.

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