Designer Jeans – From Gold Rush Blue Jeans to Devine Denim

What would Levi Strauss think if he were around today to see the transformation of the blue jeans he supplied during the gold rush in California? Blue jeans have developed from the rugged pants gold miners wore into the denim designer suits of today.

It’s hard to believe that pants created to be functional, rugged, and resistant to tearing with riveted pockets would be a high fashion item today.

Levi Strauss added rivets to his line of jeans when miners complained that their pockets kept ripping. A man named Jacob Davis thought of the idea of brass rivets for holding on the pockets. He was not a rich man, so was unable to patent his idea. He contacted Strauss and sold him the idea of the rivets. The rivets filled the bill when it came to long lasting pockets.

Did you know that’s why your expensive designer jeans have rivets? Who knew? The jeans then became popular in western movies and during WWII; soldiers wore jeans when they were on leave. When the war was over, Levi jeans developed competition from companies like Wrangler and Lee.

During the 1960’s, jeans became very popular with the college crowd and young people. They were no longer only for the working man, but for men and women alike. Jeans became a fashion symbol in the 1980’s, being picked up by famous designers. Designers, such as Devine Denim developed many different styles of jeans, putting their own designer labels on them.

Not only are these designer jeans stylish, they also have different textures and designs like soft stretch suits, denim separates, denim trouser, jeans pants, jeans skirts and jeans sets for both men and women.

The top trends for jean styles today are endless. Some of these jeans include: denim suits, stretch denim, cropped leg, high back jeans, leather wash jeans, super long and skinny jeans, strait leg, boot cut, wide leg, low waist, hip hugger, relaxed, baggy, plus sized, petite, and pear shaped jeans, to name a few. Boy, what a mouthful!

Devine Denim designer suits are today’s contemporary suit for those of us who love jeans. It is a soft stretch suit that is classy enough to wear at a professional function and comfortable enough to wear as casual attire.

These jean sets are the latest in chic, sleek Devine Denim soft stretch suits. You’ll be happy to know that these designer jeans create a slimming look without the sagging effect of most cotton jeans.

The stretch denim provides the extra curves you want for a comfortable, sexy fit.

Levi Strauss could not foresee the improvements that would be made to enhance his basic pattern for jeans, not to mention that career women would be wearing them to work.

Well, Levi thanks for the patent on jeans. Who knows what the world would be wearing today, if you had not moved to San Francisco to sell jeans to the gold miners?

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