7 Fighting Techniques You Need To Master In Silat

Silat is Malay’s martial art. The fighting techniques in silat are originated from the art of war. It is considered as the best self defense moves either one on one or in group attack. The silat exponent is known as ‘pesilat’ and the silat guru is known as ‘cikgu’. The guru will teach the exponent in the silat ring known as ‘gelanggang’. Usually the guru will teach all the secrets fighting techniques in the ring.

There are many fighting techniques that you can learn in silat. However, there are seven self defense moves that you need to master in order to be best fighter either in the ring or on the street. These are not complicated techniques but you need to train everyday in order to master the techniques. The guru will help to develop your fighting skills particularly if he finds something unique in your personality and behaviour.

The seven fighting techniques in silat are;

1. Punching. The straight-punch and uppercut are the best techniques in silat. If you hit your opponent with any of the two punches to the right place, he or she can die instantly. Exercises such as push-up and grip strength exercise can develop your punching strikes.

2. Kicking. The concept the higher the better is not relevant to silat. You need to develop your kicking technique to right target to destroy your enemy. You can train this using the kicking target and punching bag. The front-kick is the best kick because the power of the kick is directly delivered to your opponent.

3. Elbow. The unique strike in silat that copied by kick boxing and many other martial arts. Usually, this technique is used when you try to confuse your opponent with your body movements.

4. Sweeping. This technique is used in silat olahraga. Not many other martial arts competition uses this in their match. You can use this technique to topple down your enemy. The impact of the wrong landing technique from sweeping technique can lead your enemy to coma.

5. Catching. This is the answer to any self defense that likes to use kick as their main movements. Usually the catching technique will followed with topple down or strike that can hurt your opponent badly.

6. Locking. Most locking techniques in silat will end up with breaking the bones of the opponent particularly if he or she still tends to fight with you. This is the perfect technique in close combat fighting either with or without weapon.

7. Counter attack. This technique is also known as ‘potong’. Counter attack is used when your opponent catch your strike either with hand or leg. Normally, in weaponry system your opponent will die instantly or badly injured due to the effectiveness of the technique. This is the best skill to beat any martial arts that emphasizes on catching and locking techniques.

These seven self defense techniques are very powerful in street fighting. You should never use any of these killing techniques unless desperate. Thus, it is important to remember that these fighting techniques are for self defense. Remember, the great silat exponent is the one with good heart.

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