3 Simple Tricks to Make Every Woman Desire You – Attract Women Like Bees to Honey!

If you truly wish to become a chick magnet, you have to get a great personality before anything else to get the attention of women. However, what men tend to do instead is attempt to look for the greatest methods in female seduction and because of this, they end up missing out on the obvious where things need to start from the inside. If you wish to turn things around in your personal dating life, keep reading…

3 Simple Tricks To Make Every Woman Desire You – Attract Women Like Bees To Honey!

Killer Trick #1. Prove how great you are. It is quite interesting to see how having other women surrounding you tends to attract other women, as well. Regardless of who the women surrounding you are – they could be sisters or cousins – having gorgeous women around can produce particular kinds of auras that otherwise do not exist in your nearby vicinity.

Just by doing this trick once, you can find out how incredibly easy it would be to put a look of relief on the face of a woman after you let her know that your female companions aren’t actually girlfriends, but relatives.

Killer Trick #2. Force women to look at you. This means you have to be visible at all times. Show body language that is completely open whenever you are around women in order to give them the opportunity to approach you. If you do nothing but huddle in a seat in the corner and ignore everybody else, you will come across as a man who isn’t approachable and this will get you nowhere.

Whenever you find yourself in a club or at a bar, stand or sit in a manner in which you can observe the crowd and search for women who take notice of you standing or sitting there. Always have a smile ready and when you see a woman you are interested in and who seems to be interested in you, too, approach her without hesitation.

Killer Trick #3. Hypnotize. This method can be done during conversations in order to increase emotional attachment and overall awareness from a woman. No matter how little you may know about this method, hypnosis can actually be employed in the world of seduction and can be done in less than 15 minutes. The idea would be to simply make women think about you after only several minutes of talking.

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