What is the Resultant Behavior and Psychological Impact of Acne?

More and more women are worrying about their skin’s appearance these days. Men and women (however young) also equally worried about their appearance.

Resultant behavior of people with acne and skin problems

People who struggle with acne and skin problems may have different behavior depending on person to person. Here are some common characteristics:

o Lack of self-confidence

o Preoccupied with their skin and outward appearance

o ‘Don’t Care’ attitude regarding their appearance

o Withdrawal symptoms from social events and friends

o Depreciation in self-esteem

o Rebellious and suppressed anger

o Negative self image

o Bad body posture

It is not only the temporary disfigurement of acne that can cause behavioral problems in teenagers and young people. They also have the added problem that if left untreated, permanent scars may form. Parents sometimes forget the social impact that such skin conditions can have on their children as well as their self development, although some conservative people may have opinion that only girls (young women) need to look at their skin and sort out skin problems like acne and pimples. This is a shortsighted and unintelligent way of handling the problem as a boy (young men) is also affected.

Social and Psychological Impact of acne and problem skin

Young people these days are very conscious of the way they look. A single pimple can ruin all their social events. If your child has skin problems, please have them attended to – you may not see it as a problem, but indeed it is a severe problem – not only now, but can impact on the person in years to come. Do take it seriously be it male or female.