What is actually Consuming Your Violin Bow Hair? It May possibly Be Bow Bugs

We’ve all read of “Bed Bugs.” But did you know there are also “Bow Bugs?” Without a doubt there are — very little arthropods (associated to moths) that reside inside of your violin situation and munch horse hair. How do you know that your situation is infested? There are particular notify-tale indications. 1 is an accelerated amount of horse hair breakage on your bow(s). One more is the appearance of broken bow hairs in a spidery pattern inside your case. You could even see crawling or lifeless bugs, or uncover the exoskeletons they leave guiding when the molt.

These bugs like to are living in the darkish. They are most possible to reside in conditions that are left shut for very long durations of time. Due to the fact they abhor the mild, they are rarely uncovered in situations that are opened frequently. The good thing is, they do not like to consume violins and, apart from destroying horse hair, they are otherwise harmless. However, the moment they have taken up residence, they are tough to get rid of and can be transferred from scenario to scenario.

How to get rid of them? It is usually a good thought to purchase a new situation and to re-hair any influenced bows. Nonetheless, if this is not an possibility, a different substitute is to expose the situation and bows to sunlight in excess of a period of time of many times, which need to destroy the bugs. You may also choose to spray the scenario with moth insecticide. Nevertheless, you ought to then continue to keep the violin in a safe and sound put until finally the chemical dries, to avoid harm to your violin.

For working with “Bow Bugs,” avoidance is the finest remedy. Test not to make it possible for your scenario to sit unopened or in storage for lengthy durations of time — violinists who practice routinely almost never encounter this dilemma.

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