What Horse Riding Clothing Do I Need For Summer?

The type of horse riding clothing you’ll need for the summer months will of course vary according to what you’re doing. You might just need clothes for the yard and hacking. Or you might need full show attire. Whatever your plans, you’ll need a few items to see you through. Here’s a round up of the basics.


Regardless of what kind of riding you’re doing, you’ll probably want to protect your legs with jodhpurs, rather than opting for shorts or jeans which you may think could be more comfortable when it’s hot, but can easily lead to chaffing. Look out for jodhpurs made from cotton as they will be more comfortable and breathable in warmer weather.


When it comes to tops, if you’re just working in the yard, a t-shirt or vest top are perfect for keeping cool. But if you’re out in the sun for a while, consider covering your arms with a light coloured long sleeved top that will reflect the sun and help you to avoid sun burn. Also, if you’re out and about, your arms will be protected from scrapes and grazes. Another thing you might want to consider is tops made from technical fabrics which are now widely available and will wick away sweat, allow your skin to breathe and help keep you cool.

For a slightly smarter option a polo shirt will look good. And if you’re at an event, there are plenty of options for short sleeve and sleeveless shirts to wear under your jacket.


If you can, wear short boots, leather ones will be more breathable. But obviously for shows this may not be an option. Consider socks and gloves with technical properties to help keep you cool in this situation!


Obviously you’ll need a riding helmet. Don’t be tempted to release the straps to help keep you cool as this could be dangerous. It might be an idea to buy a lightweight summer one with added ventilation, especially if you tend to get really hot or suffer from headaches in the heat.

Sun Cream!

One of the main things to remember is a high factor sun cream. And not just for you, but also for your horse, especially those with light facial markings who can be particularly vulnerable to burning.

Finally, always remember to drink plenty of water, and to take some with you if you go out on a hack.

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