What Do Men Find Attractive in Women? 4 Important Things

Men’s personalities may differ, and therefore, what one man may find attractive in a woman, may not be the same for another man. That is why it is very crucial to comprehend that a man may actually look at a woman in two opposing views.

First, that the woman is someone he can have a sexual partnership with; and second, that the woman is the type he can marry and make his lifetime partner. And for you to be considered by your man as the one for marriage, make sure you follow these tips for discovering “what do men find attractive in women”?

Attitude or Aura – First, a man would always look at the attitude or aura of a woman. The way a woman smiles is very important for most men, because that serves as their indicator whether a woman is a happy going one or a melancholic one that easily gets down and depressed. And scientifically speaking, with a woman’s smile, there are love hormones that are released from the man. Most of them, in fact, have that smile imprinted on their minds and so in times that you are not together, he only has to close his eyes, and he will see that smile which makes him fall in love with you again.

Femininity And Fragility – Men just cannot help but fall for women who seem to be fragile and so feminine. Men like it when their women are so soft-spoken, caring and kind-hearted. However, do not mistaken femininity as something that shows weakness or independence, or worse, insecurity. What men want are women who although appearing to be feminine, fragile and so delicate, can project themselves with so much confidence and grace.

Soft Voice – Another factor that would answer your question of “what do men find attractive in women”? is the voice of a woman. Men tend to be drawn or like being pulled by a magnet, when the woman talks so softly and sweetly to them. Women with soft and high-pitched voice are what usually attract men; while those with very loud and hard voice are those that usually turn men off and shoo them away.

Sense of humor – Men just love women who can make them laugh or laugh at the jokes they crack. It does not have to be laughing at every joke your man will crack, but sincerely laughing at those that you really find amusing. Men usually long for this trait in women, because they feel that the women can understand them better if they are laughing with them.

Simplicity – What is more, men have great tendencies to get deeply attracted to women who do not think so much of material things. Men adore simplicity in women. Women who wear to much makeup on their face can be a real turn off for these men, not to mention the wearing of too much jewelry. In plain words, high-maintenance women are a definite turn-off for most men. For men, the simpler ones are the kind of women they will bring to the altar from marriage.