Voi Jeans – The Denims That Define You!

There are certain things about Voi jeans, their inception, the kind of company that it is and the jeans-quality and type that they offer that not many people know. Read on to find out the history of denim and its transformation to the contemporary fashion wear.

Denims have been perhaps the oldest comfortable clothing available since mankind discovered comfortable clothing. They say jeans were developed for miners who had to work under strenuous circumstances and needed clothes which would be both rugged to work in and comfortable to wear while working. Jeans have come a long way since then and today they hold the beacon of contemporary fashion. At the same time they haven’t lost out on their inherent character – that of being comfortable; a fact I have asserted at the point of being repetitive.

Voi Jeans started in the UK in 1988, mixes this comfort with design, good looks and a great fashion sense and gives you the most exquisite masterpiece in denim that you will ever put on your person. Now combine this with a brand that cares about the environment, is transparent in its ethical practices and interested in the needs of the customers and voila, you have a winner at what should be your choice of denim wear.

This brand is all about men’s wear. I agree that women will feel a little left-out but the extreme focus on one sex is probably the reason for its great designs. This brings the essence of the ‘man’ and makes it the choicest clothing for all seasons.

Voi has a great range of denim wear for men at very affordable prices. There are washed jeans and slim fit and the anti-fit and also a broad spectrum of colours that gives each man a chance to pick his personality type. There is a ‘seasonal release’ of jeans and a set of these washes and fits and colours are combined together to produce that seasonal release. This way Voi ensures that their clothing is never mundane and that it changes just like the seasons do.

The biggest fashion symbol in Voi is its logo: the swirling ‘v’ which has become the symbol of modern fashion of the world. The logo also comes in different colors so you might just have a bright blue or a red ‘v’ emblazoned on your back pockets which will make you feel the power of the brand. It is bright, it is bold and it is out there.

Voi has currently three kinds of looks. First is what is called the ‘Voi Aviators’ which have a low waist line and hence low drooping back pockets. Second is called the ‘Chinos’ which is the classic jeans design and which gives a very balanced casual and formal look to the wearer. Thirdly, there is ‘Drew’ which is the rock star look of the jeans, so famous with young people. All in all you find all that you want with your denims. No wonder whoever comes to Voi can never leave (or even try to)!

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