Trying to Get Pregnant? Don’t Waste Time With Fertility Herbs, Drugs, Or Supplements!

Understanding your own body and the physical and emotional changes you go through every month during your menstrual cycle are key to getting pregnant naturally. When a pregnancy does not occur in a cycle; your body sheds the inner lining of the uterus and this is known as Menstruation.

The first day of your period is day 1 of your cycle and this is when hormone levels are lowest in your body. Over the next 2 weeks the female hormone levels build up in your body. Leading to the release of an egg around day 14. You are at your most fertile during the following 24 hours. Over the next 2 weeks your fertility level drops. Until around day 28 your next period starts and far too often, you know that you are not pregnant.

There are various herbal and natural remedies, supplements and creams claimed to help raise fertility in both men and women. One, exclusively for women is Evening Primrose Oil (EPO). Many women swear by this. However, it may take some months to have any results.

The suggested method is to take EPO daily until ovulation and then take Flax Seed Oil until your period starts – then revert to EPO again. If your period is late and you suspect you may be pregnant, it would be best to discontinue using any fertility herbs or vitamin supplements until you have spoken to your doctor and had your pregnancy confirmed.

Some women claim successful pregnancies using this method – although if you have been trying for a baby for over a year or if you are over 30, you may not be prepared to wait for this to take effect.

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