Trying to Conceive a Baby Boy? Here is How to Get Pregnant With a Baby Boy Naturally!

If you are interested in conceiving a baby boy, then by reading this article you can increase your odds to about 80-85%.

The choice of the time to have sexual intercourse in relation to the occurrence of ovulation is crucial in the process of determining the sex of the child. If intercourse occurs 2-3 days before ovulation when the vaginal fluids are acidic, then the conditions are more favourable to the X sperm (for girls) because this sperm lives longer. But if sex occurs at the day of ovulation, then you are more likely to get pregnant with a male child, because the Y sperm is faster and can beat the X spermatozoa to the race towards the egg.

According to research, there is a correlation between the sex of the child and the diet of expectant mothers. This could be due to the fact that the food we eat seems to affect vaginal pH, which is one of the factors that influence the sex of the unborn baby. If you follow a predominantly alkaline diet, rich in potassium and sodium, the chances of conceiving a male child will be much higher. If you want to have a female child, the diet should be rich in calcium.

If you want a male child you should consume:
Sodium-rich foods – seafood, sardines, cod, tuna, salmon and
Foods rich in potassium – grapefruits, berries, oranges, melons, apples, tangerines, bananas, peaches, carrots and potatoes. Also reduce your consumption of foods rich in calcium – milk, yogurt, cheese, soy, almonds, parsley and turnip top.

What is more, a low calorie diet, low in fat and minerals increases the chances for a female child. On the other hand, according to an experiment, most of the women in the group with the highest consumption of calories and the most nutrients (including potassium and vitamins C and E) had a baby boy. Also, the likelihood of having a boy went up considerably if they had the habit of eating a good breakfast, such as a bowl of cereal. Another interesting finding is that the women who have a relatively high blood sugar are more likely to conceive a male child.

For these results, we can only speculate. Probably female offspring represent an advantage in times of shortage, as weak males are less likely to reproduce. The findings match some folk wisdom saying that mothers have to eat a lot of red meat and salty snacks if they want to have a boy, and fish, vegetables, chocolate and sweets, if they want a girl. Meat raises blood sugar for a long period of time, whereas sugar-based foods raise blood sugar very high, but for a short amount of time, followed by a rapid and sudden reduction in the blood glucose levels.

Now you need to pay close attention-