Timepeel Microdermabrasion – The Solution To Expensive Anti-Aging Cosmetic Procedures

Before taking drastic measures and trying every featured product at your local department store, it’s important to consider a treatment option that can provide lasting results. Non-invasive solutions are always preferable to invasive plastic surgery. Accordingly, microdermabrasion has become one of the most popular and effective treatments available to give skin a renewed and youthful appearance. Formerly a procedure available only in salons and spas, the Timepeel Microdermabrasion device is designed especially for use at home.

Timepeel Is Approved By The FDA For Home Use

Although there are a number of exfoliation options you can use at home, Timepeel Microdermabrasion is different for a few reasons. It is the first and only natural diamond microdermabrasion device approved by the FDA for home use. Not only is the natural diamond tip safer than other microdermabrasion methods, it allows for treatment around the delicate eye and mouth areas.

Since diamonds are one of the hardest of all natural stones, they can be used to remove dead skin cells as well as surface markings and blemishes without the regular risks associated with traditional methods. Other methods use sand crystals composed of aluminum oxide and operate much like a sand blasting tool on your face. Just as with any sanding device, this process produces dust which can be harmful if inhaled. Excessive aluminum oxide dust also prevents traditional treatment methods from getting close to the eyes and mouth where those first fine lines typically appear.

Natural diamonds used in the Timepeel Microdermabrasion machine produce none of this dust normally associated with other devices. As a result, the Timepeel can treat the eye and mouth areas where lines tend to be a concern. Dead skin is removed in a controlled and precise manner which results in a renewed complexion and more youthful appearance. New cell growth is encouraged so that skin is regenerated and renewed.

Until the Timepeel was approved for home use, this high quality treatment could only be received from a professional facility offering natural diamond microdermabrasion rather than treatments using crystals. Although opting for professional treatments will provide desirable results, there is a considerable expense associated with this option. Services at spas, salons and clinics are expensive and one treatment won’t be enough. Ideally, you’ll want a couple of treatments each month or so to keep your skin looking young and clear. Those costly visits will add up quickly.

With the Timepeel Microdermabrasion device, you will save hundreds of dollars because you buy it once and use it repeatedly in the comfort of your own home. In fact, depending on the area where you live, the Timepeel may cost less than one treatment at a professional skin care office.