The Girlfriends’ Guide to Buying the Right Lingerie For That First Weekend Away!

Every woman wants to make sure that her first weekend away with their boyfriend is special and one way to do that is to buy a special piece of lingerie that you can model just for him but what happens if you get it wrong. If you buy the wrong piece of lingerie, it can turn a great weekend away to a break-up party.

The key to buying lingerie for that first weekend away, is to be sexy without being salacious. Most men would rather see their girlfriends comfortable and their bodies accentuated in the right lingerie, than looking cheap and nasty.

I guess we have all seen the revolting lingerie from some of the cheap adult movies, but in reality couples don’t want that experience. Not if they want their relationship to last.

When choosing the piece for your weekend, you first need to work out whether it will be a piece you are going to wear out to dinner, a piece you will put on prior to retiring to bed or something you will surprise him with in the morning.

The most common type of lingerie that couples select for their weekend away for dinner is a nice sexy bra and panty set. If you are buying your lingerie for dinner then the two best colours to wear are either red or grey. The setting you are going to be in will depend on whether the bra and panty set come with suspenders or not. It is recommended that if you are in a formal dining environment in the city then suspenders are a must including stockings. If you weekend away is in the country, than a nice pear of jeans that suit your lingerie would be more appropriate.

Always make sure that the lingerie will suit your outerwear. There are many nice sets of ruffle bra and panty sets but they wouldn’t necessarily work with jeans. A flat style of lingerie would be more suitable.

If you are buying lingerie for retiring to bed, then satin is always the best way to go. What you buy is dependent on your goals. In a colder climate satin or silk long pajamas in either red or purple are the way to go with a long matching gown and matching g-string, thong or panty.

Remember the key with lingerie is that less is more. To make your weekend more exciting then slowly reveal what you are wearing. If your weekend away is in a warmer climate then a satin stretch sleepwear dress would be more appropriate with matching panty.

When choosing day lingerie, the really cool way to surprise him is to choose a piece that can be worn exposed. A nice external bustier is one way that you can achieve this. Alternatively, you can wear a buttoned shirt that part exposes the bustier or even a nice quality bra.

Your first weekend away is about you feeling happy, healthy and sexy all weekend, so the pieces you choose should always reinforce this outcome. Never buy a piece that you will feel uncomfortable in because he will pickup on that discomfort. At the same time, you want to express your femininity to him as well, because there is nothing more exciting than your first weekend away, so it should be special.

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