The Free Penis: When Going Commando Is Appropriate

The unfurnished basement. Going commando. Gringo style. There are a number of euphemisms for a free penis, which is to say, a tool that is unencumbered by underwear. Ridding oneself of the boxers or briefs can be a great experience (although men do need to take steps for proper penis care to avoid getting a chapped member). While letting it all hang out beneath a pair of jeans or trousers can be pleasurable, it’s wise for a man to remember that some occasions are appropriate for this style of undress while others are not.

Go commando!

In general, here are some situations in which shucking the underwear is acceptable:

– When wearing cycling shorts. Many cyclists or others who wear sporting gear that is similar to cycling shorts opt out of wearing underwear; as anyone who has participated in a triathlon can attest, the changing area between segments is usually devoid of undergarments (at least among the male participants). Dispensing with underwear provides for greater ease of movement and, some believe, gives men a bit of a competitive edge.

– If kilted. One is perfectly welcome to wear underwear with a kilt, but many opt to let the boys hang loose when putting on the plaid. There’s some debate over whether the traditional Scottish manner of wearing kilts is without boxers, but regardless of when the tradition started, it is certainly common today.

– During pajama time (at least at home). A man’s member likes to have its freedom to stretch out while sleeping, just as its owner does. Wearing nothing under the pajamas is acceptable – although, one may wish to re-think this when wearing pajamas at a mixed-gender sleepover.

– At a nudist camp. Well, d-uh, this kind of goes without saying.

– Any time when embarrassment is not a factor. Walking around town with only one’s khakis covering the groin is perfectly fine provided that one is not embarrassed by it – and that one isn’t causing undue discomfort among onlookers.

– Any time when advertising oneself. Guys who like to flaunt it opt for the commando look to make sure potential partners know what they’re getting into.

Think twice.

Naturally, there are times when sporting a free penis is not advisable. Among these would be:

– When clothes shopping. Sorry, a guy may love his own junk, but no man wants to try on pants or shorts that have been pressed against another guy’s naked tool. Respect for others outweighs personal freedom in this circumstance.

– In a dripping situation. One of the drawbacks of going commando: Those little drops that dribble out after urination (or, in the case of semen, before and after ejaculation) don’t have an underwear barrier to catch them. Post-bathroom spotting can be obvious; potentially even more embarrassing, a man’s pre-seminal fluid can cause a stain when his bare member gets overexcited, ruining his efforts to appear cool and in control.

– At a yoga class. Sorry, but yoga puts one’s body in too many strange and exposed positions for commando style – unless, of course, it’s a naked yoga class.

– If meeting her parents. The last thing a guy wants is to be popping a boner in front of his girl’s folks while wearing no underwear. The mom is likely to blush, while the dad may put you down as a pervert who’s never going near his little girl with that thing. Even if a dude always hangs loose at other times, he needs to dress it up for these occasions.

One downside of a free penis is that friction from jeans, trousers or other fabrics can make it quite sore. To counteract this, lather on a first-rate penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) that features a high-end emollient (such as Shea butter) and a natural hydrator (vitamin E, for example). These can soothe raw, irritated skin. Men may benefit even more from a cream that also contains acetyl L-carnitine, which is neuroprotective. Sometimes, the rubbing of the raw penis against rough fabric can cause a loss of sensation in the tool; this ingredient may help restore sensitivity.