The Finishing Touch – Fine Ladies Trousers

Ladies trousers are suitable for working women for a professional and respected appearance. Most of the superior quality ladies trousers will be made up of fully stretchable fabric material. Pants made up of cotton material do not block moisture content unlike synthetic material. Hence, cotton ladies trousers offer a high level of comfort than other types of ladies trousers.

Trousers were invented by the Iranian Scythians and Archaemenid Persians. Baggy pants were popular during 1850. Knee length trousers were invented during the period of 1880 to 1890; however it did not become popular as many ladies thought that it did not offer a lady look. Ladies trousers become more fashionable only after the twentieth century. During the period of 1950 to 1960, long women pants were popular. Capri pants, stretch pants and Bermuda pants were invented during the year 1948 by a European designer, Sonja de Lennart. Blue colored jeans pants became popular during the year 1955. In 1950, short pants became popular as a casual summer outfit. Culotte trousers which have broad leg portion became the trend of ladies around 1960. Khaki and sports wear trousers were famous during the period of 1990. Leggings types of trousers are the current trend fashion. These are stretchable, snug trousers available in various color combinations. Hip hugging flared trousers have become popular since the 1990s.

The knee portion of the ladies trousers should be in a curved position for a free leg movement. The waist portion should be elastic in nature with a belt loop for more comfort and adjustment facility. While choosing the ladies pants, it is wise to choose the one that has many pockets as they are useful for securing all the items easily along with providing a fashionable look. The appropriate size of the zips should be ¾ ideal for maintaining a proper temperature level. If the lining material is made up of soft materials, it increases the comfort level to a great extent. The hip and the waist portion must be redesigned in such a way that it gives a proper tailored fit.

Sunshade UV protection is also provided in some of the ladies trousers by the addition of SPF. Ladies who will be hanging out a lot in hot sunny days should opt for these types of pants. Ladies can purchase the waterproof pants if they work in places where the chances of getting wet are too high.

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