The Alternative – Natural Acne Treatment

Alternative healthcare is essentially for individuals who may have grown tired of the usual conventional treatment regimen or who may have had an adverse experience with traditional health care. In the field of natural acne treatment, several methods have been made available to address the growing needs of the acne-plagued population for treatment options with very negligible, if not totally absent, side effects.

The main allure of alternative health care vis-a-vis natural acne treatment is the relative non-existence of side effects which are more pronounced in conventional methods. Although these natural methods can hardly be proven through scientific inquiry, scores of satisfied users have allowed natural health care practitioners to flourish in their industry.

A natural acne treatment can include diet modification or even the use of homeopathy to achieve the desired goal in the treatment of the acne problem. These methods focus on the totality of the person experiencing the problem and not just on the acne itself. The use of oriental herbal products as well as Indian Ayurvedic practices in the management of acne and its associated problems all reflect a growing segment of the acne-ridden population that seek alternative solutions to very costly and relatively unsafe conventional acne treatments.

The major downside of these natural acne treatments is actually in their limited acceptance by the medical community who, albeit protective of their profession, claim that the effectiveness of such natural methods is unfounded. Furthermore, because these products and practices have not been proven in the scientific community their efficacy and safety is considered to be questionable.

As such, many a natural acne treatment is often propagated by word of mouth and not necessarily because of the referral of a medical expert. Nonetheless, the effectiveness of such natural remedies is gaining popularity because of its low cost and negligible, if not totally absent, side effects. The efficacy of these natural methods is, however, at best, on a case-to-case basis.

Nonetheless, a natural acne treatment may be the only recourse for a person who is already tired of the empty promises of medical and commercial acne ‘experts’. Indeed, a relatively safe profile, efficacy as well as low cost make natural acne treatments a very appealing alternative.