Ten Laundry Tips For Washing Designer Panties From Hanky Panky

If you own designer women’s underwear such as the Hanky Panky brand, you’ll want to take special care when you launder these delicate undergarments. Your goal is to preserve the life of the garment, and to do that, here are ten tips that will help you on laundry day.

1. Always read the laundering instructions on the panty’s label. If by some chance the label says to “Dry Clean Only,” then do not launder your panties by hand or in a washing machine, since those laundering methods could destroy or shrink your underwear.

2. Washing your delicate panties by hand using cold water is the optimal method for laundering Hanky Panky designer panties. Using hot water to launder your panties could make them shrink in size by as much as 20 percent.

3. If you wash your panties with other delicate garments, then you should use one cup of white distilled vinegar along with a mild detergent in each wash load to prevent lint from clinging to your designer panties.

4. To remove blood stains from your Hanky Panky panties before you wash them, soak the bloodstained area in cold water that you have added salt to. If an outline of the bloodstained area remains, then saturate the stain with hydrogen peroxide or vinegar, using an eyedropper.

5. If your home or apartment uses well water, and you don’t want your delicates to turn orange, use Borax, or take your designer panties to a Laundromat to wash them.

6. Do not place your panties in the dryer since they will definitely shrink, and using a dryer will reduce the longevity of your undergarments’ elastic.

7. Do not hand-wring your delicate lingerie, since it causes creases and wrinkles that may not be easy to remove. It’s best to squeeze your undergarments gently in your hands to remove any excess water.

8. In addition, you can place your panties between dry towels to absorb any excess water, and then hang your panties on a clothesline to dry, or drape them over your shower rod to dry naturally.

9. If the label on your panties recommends machine washing, choose a delicate cycle, and if available, place your panties in a mesh laundry bag.

10. Finally, be sure to wash colored panties separate from white or light-colored panties, and do not use bleach.

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