Street Self Defense Moves That Will Get the Job Done

We all know it, a street fight is the most dangerous and ruthless situation you can possible end up in. Simply because there’s no refs to stop the fight, no rounds to take a brake, and who knows what your opponent has in mind, right? You have to know street self defense, not to become a thug, but to be able to defend yourself or your loved ones when you need to.

We have all been there, the guy is all in your face, and you want to punch him as hard as possible, but you FREEZE. You freeze because you’re not sure of yourself, something inside of you stops you because you don’t really know what to do. Let me tell you something about a street fight. They are dirty, and ruthless. And that’s exactly how you have to approach them, your street self defense has to be mean and barbaric. You have to win, kick him in the groin, poke his eye, whatever works man, as long as you win.

One of my favorites street self defense moves is the “Head Butt”, works like a charm, because whoever is in your face, will never ever expect a headbutt when he is really close to you (in your face). But as simple as it sounds, you have to know how to “Head Butt”, otherwise you might even hurt yourself (I almost lost consciousness once).

You can also go for the throat, that will mentally shock your opponent, not to mention that he will be choking. Go for the Addams apple, use the area between your thumb, and your index finger to hit him. You can use these moves as a combination, go for the throat, and the head butt right after it. That will get the job done quickly!

You can visit my blog, where I have detailed videos of street self defense, explaining how to do certain self defense moves, and more. And than, you even get to see a real situation where that move was used.

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