Sore Penis TLC – Choosing the Right Underwear to Minimize Discomfort

In a perfect world, a man with a sore penis could just walk around in the nude until the pain faded away. Unfortunately, this is generally not an option for most men, but there are some other useful options. Men who choose the right pair of underwear and take the right approach to penis care may be able to get through the day with a little less pain, leaving room for nature to do its work and heal the soreness and irritation.

Making the Right Underwear Selection

Tight underwear might seem like a reasonable choice for a sore penis, as skintight fabrics can keep things from jostling about and rubbing together. On the other hand, very tight clothes like this can also keep the skin from breathing, and this could keep sore skin from healing. Additionally, healing skin needs an adequate supply of blood, and tight underwear can sometimes compress the penis and block the circulation from the pertinent area.

On the flip side, however, fabrics that are too loose may not provide the support a healing member needs, and the flopping and rubbing could cause even more penis pain and irritation.

Boxer briefs provide a mixture of movement and support, keeping the penis close to the body without strapping it into place. Underwear like this also tends to stay in place, so it won’t bunch up and wrinkle as the day goes on. These two attributes make boxer briefs nearly ideal for men with penis pain, as well as others who just want to keep the package in proper order. Smart shoppers should choose cotton, as this fabric allows air to circulate to delicate tissues and speed healing. Boxer briefs without buttons, decals or other extraneous details are best, as these eye-catching additions are often sewn on with thread, and the little stitches can rub on sore skin and boost discomfort. Plain cotton may be boring, but it might also be more soothing.

Taking Care of the Undergarment of Choice

A sensitive and sore penis is on red alert, just waiting to scream when an irritant enters the area. It’s not uncommon for penis skin that’s already tender to react with alarm when it’s exposed to:

  • Perfumes
  • Detergents
  • Bleach residue
  • Fabric softeners

Washing underwear in hot water using an allergen-free detergent and two rinse cycles can help to remove all of the additives that can alarm penile tissues, and these wash cycles might not take more than a few extra minutes – certainly worthwhile when it comes to matters of comfort.

Soothing Distressed Skin

Choosing the right underwear and caring for it properly, can play a major role in helping to dampen pain signals, but the damaged skin might need a little extra TLC so it can heal. A few penis care tips might be helpful.

Skipping harsh soaps and fancy perfumes until the skin heals is a smart move, as even a mild exposure to these irritants can set healing times back by a day or two. A quick rinse with warm water, followed by a pat-down with a soft towel, should do the trick for cleaning. A penis vitamin creme can help to lock in the moisture from the shower, and the emollients and vitamins in a quality product (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help to soothe sore skin and boost blood flow, allowing irritants to leave the area while the skin heals from the inside out. A quality penis health creme absorbs quickly, too, so no sticky residue will be left on the man’s newly cleaned underwear, fresh from the dryer. With care like this, soreness should be a thing of the past in no time at all.