Snowboarding for Beginners – Tips on Learning How to Snowboard

Snowboarding is a popular winter sport, which has been part of the Winter Olympics since 1998. Every year many people try to ride snowboards but not all are successful. After all, it isn’t really that easy for everyone to ride a board strapped to their feet while coming down a mountain covered with snow!

Techniques for Riding Snowboards

The most popular style of snowboarding is freestyle because of its thrill. In this style, the snowboarder performs tricks using a variety of natural and man-made objects, such as rails, rocks, and even trees. In Freestyle the snowboarder usually wears soft boots specifically designed for this style of boarding.

Free riding
Free riding is also quite popular among snowboarders as it combines a variety of elements and disciplines. In this style, the snowboarder treks through whatever natural terrain happens to be available. This style of snowboarding might incorporate trees, slopes, powder and anything else that a mountain might offer. This style of snowboarding requires a stiffer boot and binding.

Several types of competitive races exist for the experienced snowboard riders who like speed. In this style, riders race through various race courses, either head-to-head against other snowboarders or against the clock. The Winter Olympics is a great place to see snowboard races.

Snowboard Gear

This is obviously the most essential piece of equipment in this sport. There are different makes and models of snowboards, each designed for the type of snowboarding and terrain it is being used on. There are also different snowboards for women and men.

Jackets & Pants
Outerwear for snowboarders can consist of a separate jacket and pants or a one-piece snowsuit or a jacket over a snowsuit. Whatever you choose needs to keep you warm and dry and be comfortable.

Snowboard gloves are made to keep the boarder’s hands warm and dry. They are tough, specifically made to live up to the punishment of the environment.

Snowboarders also need to wear good goggles for this sport. They protect the rider’s eyes and part of their face from the ice, snow and wind.

Helmets are critical for boarders to protect their heads from injury. Whether flying down the mountain on a board, or doing tricks on obstacles, head injuries are common and can be fatal.

Stomp Pads & Leashes
Stomp pads are placed between the bindings to better grip the boarder’s boots. They are used to provide better control for one-footed tricks.
Snowboard leashes are used to attach the board to the rider so the board doesn’t get away.

Boots & Bindings
Boots keep the rider’s feet warm and dry and, in combination with the bindings, help the rider to control the board. Types of boots vary based on the style of snowboarding.

Now you have an idea of what snowboarding is, what styles of snowboarding you can choose from and what you need to get started. Have fun!

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