Shopping For Antiques in Dallas – Dallas Antiques

There are three great areas to shop for antiques in Dallas. The largest area with the most shops is the Dallas Design District. The main streets are Industrial Blvd., Dragon St, and Slocum, probably the premier street of fine antiques in Dallas, But beware, this district is set up with the trade in mind. This is especially true for Dragon and Slocum. Several stores are for the trade only, but this is beginning to change. Many designers will shop no where else because they can find everything they need here. The prices here are on the high side. You will find that most of the antiques here are very European, with heavy emphasis on French and English. But here you can also find stone, fabrics, flooring, art studios, and nearly anything associated with design.

The second area is the Knox/ Henderson area. There is a good selection of shops in this area and the prices are usually less here than in the design district. But compared to the design district, there is not near the selection. They are much more retail oriented here, but designers shop here also. a couple of the stores here also have a presence in the design district.

The third area, and the one not known by near as many shoppers, is the West Lovers Lane area, west of Inwood Road. If you have not shopped this area, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality and prices you will find here. Many of the stores here have only been in this area for 4-6 years, the reason they are not as well known as the other areas.

Of course there are shops in other parts of town, but you can find nearly any antiques in Dallas in these three areas. It would take several weeks to shop all of the stores in these three areas. Dallas is a great place to shop for antiques, especially if you love French and English.

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