Self Defense Techniques – The 7 Most Vulnerable Body Parts to Attack in a Self Defense Situation

If attacked, one needs to know what they can do to stop the encounter. The more time an attacker has before being subdued, the more a victim can be injured, or worse. The seven most vulnerable parts of the body are the eyes, the nose, the throat, the groin, the knees, the shins and the top of the foot. Striking any of these areas with force can cause an attacker immense pain or nervous system responses. This can give the victim time to escape.

Striking the nose will cause the eyes to water. Poking one eye with a finger will cause the other to close. These are sympathetic nervous responses. The assailant has no control over these responses. Airflow can be cut off with a strike to the throat. A strike to the groin can render a male attacker helpless. Knees, whether striking from the front, back or sides can put an attacker on the ground. A kick to the shin, which contains many nerves and not much to protect them, is very painful. A stomp on the top foot can break bones very easily.

Most martial arts practitioners know these vulnerable areas as well. They are taught to use the most force possible during a life-threatening scenario. The faster an assailant is rendered harmless the faster the victim can escape. The important thing to remember is do not be timid when striking. The attacker could become more dangerous if they feel one is weak and not able to defend themselves.