Self Defense Techniques, Not Pacifism Are Needed for Survival

Living your life in fear seems preferable to settling the issue by force for some people. While it is understandable that you don’t wish to contribute to the already devastatingly large amount of violence in the world, when someone attacks you they are giving your carte blanche to strike back with a vengeance. If you insist on remaining a pacifist while you and those you love get battered in front of your eyes then by all means continue your peaceful protest. Sensible people know however that there is a time and place for everything and a street fight is not the place to reveal your inner Gandhi.

What you need are self defense techniques and lots of them. Not so much so as to confuse you but enough to get you primed for any aggressive thugs that see you as a meal ticket. A martial arts DVD is a great investment as most of them will show you some basic moves that can get you ready for action in a hurry. The danger here is that you will get too confident after a few weeks. Learning techniques takes time, mastering them takes years. For now, what you are looking for are some moves to stop you from being completely defenseless. It is worth remembering that the average thug is nowhere near as tough as they think they are. Just like in the schoolyard, if you show any courage and fighting capabilities whatsoever they will run away.

Supremely difficult combinations and precision striking are not self defense techniques that are useful to the novice. If you want to learn these you will need lots of patience and an iron will to succeed. In the meantime you should be content with solid maneuvers that can send an attacker running for the hills. When a thug attacks you they want to get close and take you to the ground, this is a certainty when they are bigger than you (and they usually are). The good news is that they are not particularly adept when it comes to dealing with defense moves from distance. Kicking them into the knee is likely to drop them to the floor. This is an especially effective move in light of the fact that most attackers will not know how to defend against it.

The solar plexus is a well known target for proponents of organized fighting and with good reason. This is not the easiest of self defense techniques to learn but it is shockingly effective. In layman’s terms, the solar plexus is the bony area above the stomach and below the rib cage. Striking this area accurately may take some practice, but when you connect your attacker will be in a world of hurt. This is the famous spot that knocks the wind out of people.

Buying a martial arts DVD will teach you all of the above and more. Instead of spending money foolishly on junk food or a pair of shoes you don’t really need, why not pay what is needed for a DVD that will show you the sort of techniques that could keep you away from trouble as well as saving on hospital bills!