Scuba Diving – Low Volume Versus High Volume Masks

Scuba Diving is definitely no fun if it weren’t for the gears that came with it. Consequently, one of the most important scuba gear is the scuba mask for without it, water in contact with the eyes of the scuba diver generates a refracted view of the depths and distorts the otherwise amazing imagery pertinent to the underwaters. To aid you in your choice of a scuba mask, find below an overview of two (2) major categories of diving masks: the low volume and high volume scuba masks.


Low volume scuba masks are designed with very little air space between the face of the diver and the glass panels of the mask itself. This type of mask fits snugly across the face and fits small to medium facial profiles. The advantages of using low volume scuba masks include the following:

  1. Less water. Low volume masks are form-fitting and have very little air space. Therefore, the chances of water seeping into the mask are limited as well.
  2. Wider field of vision. Since low volume masks stick closely to the face, only a small section of the mask obstructs the view of the scuba diver.


High volume scuba masks are the exact opposites of low volume masks in terms of features. For one, the mask allows a greater volume of air space between the face of the diver and the panels of the mask. Moreover, high volume scuba masks are designed to fit large facial profiles. The advantages of using high volume scuba masks are as follows:

  1. Large and multiple windows. Oversized windows compensate for its size by allowing views from all angles possible.
  2. Ease of fit. People with larger face profiles or nose structures will likely encounter difficulties when searching for scuba masks that fit snugly. A high volume scuba diving mask resolves this dilemma.

Whatever type of scuba mask fits your fancy, prioritize efficient design and comfort in your selection. If a low volume type of mask fits your requirements, we recommend the Frameless III Mask from Scuba Max that features a triple lens, tri-view design and a frameless body to amazingly fit large face profiles. Another good option is the H2Odyssey Ultra Vista Max that is outfitted with 2 large window, allowing for a much wider field of vision. Meanwhile, if high volume masks serves your needs, the H2Odyssey Alpha 4 Mask comes highly recommended along with the IST Proline Zeus Mask [] that is not only stylish and sturdy but also designed to accommodate interchangeable optical lenses for scuba divers requiring corrective lenses.