Pirates Fancy Dress

Pirates have been around for thousands of years and their bold, quirky dress sense and rebellious attitude have made great subjects for films and books but also act as a great inspiration for any fancy dress or Halloween party. So why not turn up to your next party in pirates fancy dress?

The Costume
There is a lot to consider when it comes to pirates fancy dress. Do you go for J. M. Barrie’s Captain Cook with his cadaver-like appearance and hook for a hand? Or the more modern take on a pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow, with dread locks and guy liner? In either case, most costume stores will be able to suit you up in no time at all.

If you are not interested in taking on the role of an already famous pirate and want to have your own take on pirates fancy dress, then are numerous things that you can include. Starting from basics, you need baggy clothing in black, white or rich reds and purples. The more thrills on the sleeves and chest, the better. Wear long, baggy trousers and a thick belt with a large buckle around the waist. Just add knee-high, black leather boots and the fundamentals have been dealt with. You may also need a wig. In which case, get long sleek black hair or dread locks. Girls can do it too, the same rules apply but you can go more feminine with a gypsy skirt. There are, of course, numerous obvious accessories that make the look that little more authentic. Add a bandana, an eye patch, a sword, jewellery and of course a pirate hat. If you want to go the whole mile then add thick black eyeliner, a parrot, a peg leg or fake tan, as pirates are usually portrayed as quite sun baked. All of this will add to your look and have you winning best costume in no time. Most costume shops will have an assortment of costumes and extra bits so it is easy to get hold of everything you need for the perfect pirates fancy dress.

You can’t just dress as a pirate though, you need the attitude too and it’s what makes dressing as a pirate so much more fun. First of all, you need to learn how to talk the talk. Put on a low, gravelly voice and ditch boring “hellos” for “ahoys”, try not to go too long with out throwing in an “argh” and refer to everyone as “ye matey”. It may get annoying for everyone but you, but you wouldn’t be a real pirate without it. You can easily pick up the lingo by watching films or searching the internet. You also have to obtain the mindset of a pirate. You need to act confident, arrogant and rebellious by speaking loudly as well as standing tall or you can lean more towards the intoxicated, less clever type, in which case you need to act a little clumsy and throw in some “yo ho ho’s”.

So for which ever fancy dress occasion you attend in your pirates fancy dress, remember to find an over the top costume with all the extras and practice how to walk, talk and act pirate.

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