Pine IV Jeans

Pine IV jeans is said to be a premium stretched denim jeans that provides you the confidence of showing your excellent shape. These denim jeans are pretty sexy and stylish to wear and ever tough. Its back pocket placement is one of the main features of making your butt appear hot. With the wish for a unique fitting and highest quality denim jeans and an inflexible modern feel and look, Pine IV jeans were launched in the market. This type of denim jeans represents all the factors of truly great fitting jeans. Its design is quiet contemporary and very new featuring a higher presentation at the back, lower at the front and consequently not exposing backsides that are undesirable on any female.

This type of denim jeans is soft, sufficiently stretchable to make you feel like a perfect model. Pine IV jeans normally caters to all the needs of a women who has an excellent shape, confident and enjoys sweet sassiness. It features great jackets and jeans, Pine IV has been sold all over the country independently and at boutiques that carry one of the finest cloths. So, if you want to yearn then desire for Pine IV jeans. Pine IV jeans is one of the best selling denim jeans that comes in a famous Kyoto style and features back pockets. The middle rise cut right across your belly prevents the uncomfortable plumber’s butt and muffin top.

The sparkling legs assist you to balance your large thighs. Pine denim jeans have the latest technology and console that comes with other famous jeans like Christopher Blue jeans. However, they even possess an additional fashionable edge. The spandex-cotton combination provides a perfect blend of fitting and comfort without looking shapeless. It also has a logo patch that brands the backside waist band and faint grinding details on the hemlines and pockets creating an upsetting look. Its back pocket may just be a favourite style you were looking for a long time.

Women who desire great fitting denim jeans must buy Pine IV jeans, a jeans made by the Pine Company, which is also the maker of world renowned Christopher Blue jeans. Pine IV jeans has the similar comfort and technology which comes with the CB jeans however they also have an additional fashionable edge. Made from one of the finest denim this jean is really cosy and soft making you look sleek. This Kyoto style denim jean fits the women with lower waste and comes with a flap back pocket and slightly flared legs. This jeans even accommodates women who have little extra tummy or trunk which is not perfectly flat. Even some of the famous celebrities such as Rachel Ray, Faith Hill, Terri Hatcher and Jennifer Garner were seen wearing the Pine IV jeans.

One of the best things about purchasing Pine IV jeans is that with every single Pine denim jeans you purchase, Pine makes a special donation to some of the organizations who look forward to plant trees on behalf of the customers. This is one of the best ways to help and build a better environment in our society.

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