Penis Sensitivity – How to Feel Even Better

Many men find that their penis, over time, has reduced sensitivity, especially if they have been circumcised. This is believed to be attributed to the fact that the penis has encountered different levels of friction over the years and the skin of the penis has become “toughened” over time. For example, continual rubbing of the penis skin against clothing, including underwear, or frequent sexual activity, such as masturbation and intercourse, can gradually cause the penis skin to “toughen” and become less sensitive to touch and sexual stimulation.

Therefore, to increase penis sensitivity, several different methods are recommended. These methods include:

Experiment: Instead of masturbating or instigating sex in the same manner as you usually do, why don’t you try something different, such as gently stroking your penis and using your sense of touch to tickle, tantalize and excite, rather than using the rough and ready approach. Feathers and soft fabrics are excellent tools for this, and, if used regularly, will begin to stimulate the sensitivity of your penis. For example, gently run the soft fabric or a feather over the skin of your penis for 5-10 minutes and increase this time gradually. You will be surprised how much your penis sensitivity will increase after a few weeks.

Tantalize Your Senses: Rather than going straight for your penis when masturbating or having sex, touch yourself in other places first or have your partner run his or her hands gently over your body without touching your penis. And, make sure that you do this regularly. You’ll be surprised at how stimulating the senses by touching other areas of your body can get the area that feels desensitized to come to life.

Wear Softer Underwear: Changing the type of underwear that you wear often allows your penis skin to breathe better and also decreases the amount of friction that your penis endures. Try wearing silk or another form of soft underwear for a week or two and see if this makes a difference. If it does, then you may want to consider wearing the softer alternative more often so that you increase your penis sensitivity.

Use a Moisturizer: Often, the biggest reason for skin desensitizing on the body is friction, and this friction then causes your skin to become harder and toughened. Therefore, to increase the sensitivity of your penis, you need to restore your skin’s moisture, PH balance, and softness. And, the best way to do this is to apply a moisturizing product, in the morning and evening, that is rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, so that your penis sensitivity is regained and the skin of your penis is rejuvenated.

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