Most Fertile Days to Get Pregnant – How to Find Out When You Are Most Fertile

If you are trying for a baby knowing your most fertile days to get pregnant is an absolute must. During every monthly cycle you are only fertile for about 24 to 48 hours and missing this important window of opportunity means having to wait yet another month hoping for that positive pregnancy test.

Every month your body prepares for a possible pregnancy. Lots of hormones are involved, an egg matures in your ovaries and about midway through your menstrual cycle the now mature egg gets released into one of your fallopian tubes, waiting to get fertilized by your partner’s sperm. This release of the egg is called ovulation and is probably the most important event in your reproductive life.

The reason why knowing your most fertile days to get pregnant is so important is because once ovulation occurred and the egg travels down your fallopian tube, the egg will disintegrate itself if fertilization doesn’t occur within 12 to 24 hours. Luckily, our body gives us some hints that tell us ovulation is about to happen and that it’s time to get together with your partner.

Have you ever looked closely at your underwear and noticed some discharge that is sometimes wet and sticky and quite dry at other times? This discharge is your cervical mucus (CM) and is one thing you definitely want to have a closer look at when trying to get pregnant. Your mucus changes during your cycle and reflects changes in your hormone levels. This helps us pinpoint ovulation.

Usually, at the beginning of your cycle you will bleed for about 5 to 7 days and right after your bleeding stops, you will probably notice hardly any mucus for 6 to 7 days on average.

Next, you will start to notice that it gets pretty sticky down there and it will usually stay like this for a day or two before it becomes creamy for several days. This creamy mucus may look and feel a lot like lotion or milk, and is usually white or pale yellow in color. If you try to stretch this creamy CM it will easily break apart.

Similar to egg-white is what most women describe the next CM as and this is exactly the one we are looking for. It is often clear in color and feels and looks like egg-white. If stretched between two fingers, it will often stretch up to a few inches. Bingo! This means ovulation is about to happen and you are probably just hours away from your most fertile days to get pregnant.

After ovulation happened, your CM will often dry up again and it will usually stay dry until your period arrives.