Meridians and Acupuncture – Are Meridians Responsible For Energy Flowing Through Our Body?

Meridians are actually an imaginary energy channels running through our body. When they are out of balance or blocked we get sick or feel tired. When a Chinese Acupuncturist insert needles into our acupuncture points in the body it stimulates the meridians and helps energy flowing freely through our body. OK. This has no physical or scientific proof except for the fact that it helps millions of people in the world, including me, to heal, naturally, endless times.

I Get Stabbed by Henry Every Time I Go to See Him And I Pay For It

When ever I go to see Henry Su in his acupuncture clinic ‘Good Health Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Clinic’ here in Wellington, I let him insert acupuncture needles into my body. Henry will check my pulse and look at my tongue and thus able to determine how much my body is out of balance. Chinese medicine based on balance in the body, and that means that what ever the internal organs may be missing, Chinese acupuncture and herbs will bring back the balance and allow the body to get back on track.

A Herb for Every Ill.

You are probably familiar with the term A Pill for Every Ill. Well I do not subscribe to this saying any more, and it is not that I do not get sick. When ever I get a cold for example I go to see Henry. Henry does his diagnosis and put needles where ever is needed. He will then mix together some Chinese herbs and give me about 4 bags of those herbs to cook at home. That is it. It only costs me about $40NZD (New Zealand Dollar) at a time and is far more effective for MY body than conventional pills. Meridians can get out of balance, and that is when we get sick. Chinese acupuncture will fix those meridians for you with needles and herbs. It is a very simple, ancient process, that works when your body is getting used to it.

The first time I went to see an acupuncturist was when some chemicals in my brain were out of balance, and it took him 2 months to fix me up. but I kept going to see acupuncturists where ever I lived on a regular basis, even just for general maintenance and my body now reacts very quickly to the treatment. It heals naturally with the help of acupuncture.

Exercise is A Long Term Goal

Last time I went to see Henry he told me that acupuncture will bring back the balance in the body by clearing the meridians. But you must continue to maintain your body on a regular basis in order to keep this balance. Exercise and diet is the only way to do this.