Meladerm Cream – Effective Skin Lightening

Skin lightening treatments are targeted at people who exhibit conditions ranging from age, liver and sun spots, freckles, sun damage, acne marks, pigmentation issues and general skin discoloration.

In early product formulas a form of bleaching was used to try and resolve these conditions with the most notable ingredient being Hydroquinone. Unfortunately, Hydroquinone is a strong skin bleacher that can cause mild to severe side effects such as redness, skin irritation, and extreme sensitivity to the sun.

Newer formulas avoid the use of such skin bleaching agents and instead focus on naturally occurring ingredients which are filtered and sterilized for safety. However, as with all products that are applied directly to the skin, every individual person is different and it is important to monitor any reaction to topical application and discontinue usage should adverse symptoms occurs such as those mentioned above.

Of these newer products available on the market Meladerm Cream by Civant Skin care offers one of the most reliable and clinically tested skin lightening formulas.

Meladerm has been under development for the past 4 years and it is now available to the retail market. By combining all the best features from existing skin lightening formulas without any of the harmful non-natural chemicals it delivers an effective solution to a wide range of skin conditions.

Meladerm Cream is applied externally to the skin on affected areas and it is important that the user be consistent in application to see the best results. By applying the cream twice daily an improvement can typically be seen within two weeks, although a number of people reports the best results after 4-6 weeks of continuous usage.

It is also important to note that skin becomes sensitive to sun exposure during the treatment period and it is therefore recommended that a high quality sun screen be applied at the same time.

Meladerm has a number of scientific studies to demonstrate its results, but in brief it works by managing a pigment in the skin called melanin which provides skin with its color. The ingredients found in the Meladerm Cream formula modify a process in the skin where Melanin pigment is synthesized in structures called melanosomes. The melanosomes in darker portions of the skin are more active than those found in normal areas of the body and the cream acts on these areas to reduce their color, thereby providing the skin lightening effect.

The results found from using Meladerm Cream are generally permanent, however it may be necessary to use small top-up periods from time to time to maintain the effectiveness.

There’s also no restrictions on where the cream can be applied to external skin (it cannot be applied to internal or broken skin or used by young children or pregnant women) and works equally well on the body, hands, feet, and face. Make-up and other skin creams such as sun block can be applied after 10 minutes. It works on all skin types including dark, African American and ethnic skin.

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