Man Skin Care – Tips For Your Man

If you would like to have your man’s skin say good things about him to those he is in contact with (including yourself) these tips will be useful and timely. If you are a man and wonder what women want from a man when it comes to man skin care then read on as well.

Women like smooth, supple skin on a man. But men don’t generally enjoy talking about skin care so the best thing to do is for the woman to provide a limited thoughtful selection of products for his use in a convenient location. A good, unscented active body lotion next to the couch nearest your flat screen TV is a great choice. Male skin care products to cleanse, moisturize and occasionally deep-clean are usually sufficient. TOO MANY CHOICES ARE THE KISS OF DEATH for this renovation project.

Start with hand care, or even better, begin with a lotion to rub on his feet while your man is distracted by his ESPN addiction. Silky feet are a great addition to any relationship. Men and women should certainly both note this fact. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander in this particular case. Products containing vitamins and natural oils are superior to those with synthetic chemicals or preservatives for this budding young man skin care routine. An unscented lotion would be best for this first foray into men’s skin care. After the hands and feet are well tended and happy you can move on to more complex areas like the face.

Facial care is a delicate subject for some men. A rugged manly look may be a great thing in a young man but male skin care becomes more and more important as he ages. The skin becomes extremely weathered if certain restorative steps are not undertaken. Occupational hazards such as exposure to strong sunlight, harsh weather and chemicals are a big problem for men. The goal here is to retard the aging process, limit damage from free radicals and nourish the cell regeneration process. Good grooming, including skin care is a wonderful investment in the future of everyone’s career and personal relationships. Self-esteem shown by good grooming indicates good habits are probably found in other areas of the person’s life. Consistency, patience and attention to detail are never bad characteristics in a person’s temperament. Avoid explaining this to a man.

Perhaps a better idea would be to approach it as something you would like to do for him. Once he feels how good his skin can feel he will be hooked for life. And very soon, after you move into the face care process, he will notice a difference in the way other people treat him, too. It is a fact that good looking people are more likely to be promoted and respected by their peers.

Here’s one more reason to consider man skin care. Several recent studies, including one by the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank have shown that the more attractive a person is, the more they make. Indeed, the survey, published in the Tampa Bay Business Journal, found that “Good looking people earned 5% more an hour than their less comely colleagues.” This might be another way to get your man started in the good habit of daily male skin care.

Just don’t expect him to carry his own skin care products in a make up bag.

When considering the needs of a man, skin care creams and lotions are plentiful. Continue educating yourself about ingredients that will feed the skin, as well as male skin care ingredients that can damage the skin. Doing so will assure that you find safe effective products.

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