Is it Possible to Lose Your Acne and Improve Your Skin With the Power of Your Mind?

Acne could be the result of self-rejection, self-loathing, a negative body image, a bad skin cleansing routine and/ or bad eating and grooming habits. Therefore only medication may not help in curing acne completely, it requires a holistic treatment. The following self-help therapies, combined with medication can help in bidding good riddance to the zits and hives on your face.

Positive affirmations – Being unhappy with one’s appearance or self-loathing are among the most common causes of acne. Your body responds to your thought process, if you don’t release your negative thoughts or bottled up emotions yourself, your body finds a way to release them in the form of pain or skin diseases like acne. Therefore in order to get rid of your skin problems you must first learn to love and accept yourself and release all bottled up negative feelings. Positive affirmations can help you achieve this goal.

Positive affirmations work by the simple logic that whatever you hear repeatedly becomes your belief. So if you tell yourself constantly that you love and accept yourself the way you are, it will become your belief. The following positive affirmations can help you get rid of negative feelings associated with acne:

“I love and accept myself”

“I now release all negative feelings stored within me”

“I appreciate my body”

“I am at peace with myself”

Visualization – Our subconscious is extremely powerful and is believed to influence all our mind and body functions. Visual imagery can be used to influence it the way we want; the more intense the visualization the more powerful is its effect on the subconscious. So, if we visualize ourselves with a clear, glowing and beautiful skin, intensely and repeatedly, our subconscious will get the message that it has to work towards achieving this goal. It then directs our body and mind accordingly.

Subliminal messages – Subliminal messages work as they are said to have the power to influence and reprogram the subconscious. Listening to subliminal messages repeatedly can influence your subconscious mind in a positive way and it can help you:

  • Directs your body to improve your skin’s condition and appearance by increasing the blood circulation to your face.
  • Directs your conscious mind to eat healthier food (and enjoy it)
  • Make you feel better about your skin and your body.

Don’t let acne hurt your self-confidence, choose whatever therapies or techniques you feel comfortable with and get ready to say “hello” to a beautiful and clear skin.

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