Is a Yeast Infection Responsible For Depression and Mood Swings?

Tens of millions of people world wide suffer from chronic depression. Every year more cases appear and no specific cause is identified.

One thing known for certain about the brain and central nervous system, is that its functioning is still one of our greatest mysteries. One thing that isn’t a mystery however, is that fungi such as Candida Albicans can propagate anywhere in the body, and impact any organ system.

It’s a shame that the study by Dr. W. G. Crook published in the Journal of the American Medical Association called “Depression Associated With Candida Albicans”, was ignored by the medical community at large. This study cites evidence liking depression directly to yeast infection.

In relation to this, in the Journal of Nutritional Medicine 1990 an article written by A. Hunnisett talks about auto brewery syndrome. This is basically when the overgrown yeast in your digestive tract converts the sugar you consume into small doses of alcohol.

In Hunnisett’s study, 69% of his patients had traces of alcohol in their systems an hour after having consumed 50 grams of sugar (roughly a can of pop). This has some interesting ramifications.

The amount of alcohol is usually too small to notice a performance impairment directly, however always being slightly tipsy can still leave your body in a state of almost perpetual low level hangover (groggy disconnected brain-fog) as well as set your emotions on random, another common symptom of intoxication.

So there you have it, depression as caused by overgrowing yeast making your digestive system into its own distillery.

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, and depressed, then you need to investigate whether a yeast infection is causing your depression. Do yourself a favour and make the change that can very well save your life, and put you back on the road to happiness and wholeness again.

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