Improving Memory Skills – Step by Step on How to Remember Faces and Names

Improving memory skills are mentioned quite a lot when it comes to remembering faces. When someone introduces a new colleague or friend to you, it’s a shame that you can’t remember their name. The situation is embarrassing and sometimes you wonder how much rapport you can gain by making them appreciate you remembering their name.

Here is step by step on how to remember faces and names.

1. Pay Attention

When someone is introduced to you, look at their face and concentrate on their features. Hair, eyes, nose, mouth and shape of face. Go through these 5 features and pay attention to them.

A lot of the times, when we don’t remember faces, it’s because we only glance at them and then the clothes they wear. We don’t really spend that much time looking at their faces. So start by paying attention to their faces.

2. Associate Their Names

When you hear someone’s name for the first time, try to associate it with some words. If someone is called Mark Keane, think of something like “he’s keen at marking people on the football ground”. By relating this sentence to his name, it is much easier for you to remember it.

It’s a good idea to make the sentence as funny as possible. Or as disgusting as possible. Our brain remembers things which are funny or shocking.

3. Repeat Their Names

After hearing their names, make an effort to repeat it. Ask them to say their name again by pretending you couldn’t hear them the first time. This is an excellent way to get to hear their name twice.

You can then have a conversation with them by calling their name. You are thus, repeating their name 3 times already in your mind.

4. Picture The Person In A Funny Way

If you find that a person’s name is particularly hard to remember, immediately form a funny picture in your mind. If they are called Chris Scott for example, picture their faces eating crisps (since it rhymes with Chris) and picture them wearing a Scottish skirt.

The more hilarious the picture is, the more easier it will be to remember the person’s name and face.

5. Exercise Remembering Photos

One of the games you can play by yourself at home is to get a magazine and turn to the pages where there are a lot of faces. Try not to look at the faces but write names on their foreheads. Then study each photo for about 15 seconds and then move on to the next.

Close your eyes and then imagine the people who you’ve just seen and try to recall their name. Doing this exercise will help train up your brain to better remember faces and also practice putting names to the faces. With practice you’ll be startled at the improvement you’ve made in a short while.

These 5 memory improving skills are very powerful at remembering faces and names. Once you grasp this skill, you can move on and read more on improving memory material which will further help you in your every day life such as studying for exams and remembering road directions. Memory improvement is a very useful skill to learn.