If Dean Martin Were Alive Today, He’d Be Wearing Energie Jeans

There are many different kinds of cool in the world today, but few companies manage to fuse different kinds of cool successfully. Energie Jeans offers a successful synthesis of social-media/tech-hip and undeniably European-style manly jeans that exude a rough and ready yet sophisticated aura, but are also eminently presentable. In fact, if Dean Martin were alive today, there is little doubt that he would probably buy them. In fact, the enlightened rebel look is probably the primary attraction offered by Energie.

Just as Apple products, especially laptops, seem to evoke a certain geek-chic, Energie creates the impression that the wearer is a freethinker that is not afraid to run with the pack when it suits them. Some styles are too far off the beaten path to be socially acceptable to the masses, but this does not describe the offerings of Energie Jeans at all. If anything, the look is slightly rugged with a touch of urban angst, but there is nothing innately inappropriate or overly edgy with any of the products currently offered by them.

In fact, it is probably worth noting that Energie Jeans offers a lot more than just denim pants. Fashionable footwear, belts, bags, t-shirts, flannel, denim shirts, jackets, shorts and more are all available from Energie. Such a wide selection of products is very tempting, because it means that if one could create entire ensembles from a single vendor. If Energie Jeans were to offer Fossil-like watches and their own brand of sunglasses, they could conceivably be a head-to-toe outfitter.

One of the sure signs that Energie is in the game for the long haul is that they release seasonal collections, and have done so for over a decade. While some companies allow comparatively inexpensive lines to be updated annually or even semi-annually, Energie Jeans offers plenty of incentives to buy Energie Jeans over and over again. Like all things fashionable, there is a price to pay to be part of the ‘in’ crowd, but it sounds like customers do not mind it. In fact, lithe and tall customers seem to have nothing but the highest accolades for Energie Jeans, such as this quote from aecox1 of Orlando, Florida:

Do not take the frequent updates as an indication that Energie Jeans are not durable or built to withstand the test of time. Laura T. noted that 12 years is a long lifespan for a pair of jeans, even if Laura’s brother is a genetic anomaly who never packs on a single pound as he ages.

Quality products do command premium prices, which may seem ironic due to the fact that fashion goes in and out of style rather quickly these days. That being said, products by Energie Jeans do command a substantial premium, but such a premium is easily justified by the quality alone. Even if one cannot wear their Energie Jeans out to the latest social functions once they are no longer part of the latest season, they are still quite usable for wear around the house or to the movies. All in all, Energie Jeans is a brand name with a lot to like, especially their unique attitude that is backed up by their quality.

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