I Can’t Get Pregnant With a Boy Baby – Tips and Advice That May Help You Conceive a Son

I’m commonly emailed from couples who believe that they are unable to conceive one gender over another either because girls or boys run in their family, or because, in the past, they’ve only been able to conceive one specific gender. (For example, they have a house full of girls, but no boys.) Yesterday, I received such an email from a very nice woman who basically asked: “I have conceived three girls and I love them with all my heart, but this time around, I really want to conceive a boy and give my husband a son. Is this possible since I seem predisposed to conceiving girls?”

I responded that it is very possible. Using the right techniques and tools, there is no reason you can’t conceive either gender. If girls run in your family or you believe that you are unable to conceive a boy, there are a few things that we can look at and change to greatly increase your odds of a son. I will discuss these things below.

Why You May Be Predisposed To Conceiving Girls: Natural gender selection really comes down to one thing – which sperm chromosome makes it to and fertilizes the egg first. If you keep getting pregnant with girls, either the cards of fate could be dealing you daughters or, there may be a specific reason that the X sperm chromosomes (which produces baby girls) keeps winning out.

There are basically three variables that determine whether the X or the Y chromosome win: the timing of your conception; the sexual positions that you use to conceive, and the PH / acidity of the mother. In my experience, most women who have been unable to conceive a boy typically have a high PH. This scenario will greatly favor girls because boy or Y sperm can not survive in an acidic environment. Many times, I’ve seen women drastically change their PH and then be able to get a boy baby. I’ll discuss these variables – one by one – below.

A Look At The Calendar For A Baby Boy Conception: I often have people email me and ask what part of the month is best to conceive a son. When I make mention of the timing of the month corresponding with a time in a woman’s fertility cycle, I’m sometimes met with a bit of confusion. I know it sounds very basic, and please bear with me if you already know this, but what the calendar says really doesn’t matter. What ultimately matters is when you conceive in relation to when you ovulate.

If you are trying to conceive a male, it is vital that you do not try to conceive too early. As I’ve alluded to before, boy sperm are weak by nature. This is not anything that you did wrong. It is just the characteristic that nature gave the Y sperm to balance things out. To compensate for this, the boy sperm are also very fast, which you can use to your advantage.

For a baby boy conception, you’ll need to conceive on the day of ovulation. And, if you’ve had trouble with this, ask yourself how well the ovulation prediction methods you’ve used in the past have worked. I firmly believe that techniques which require guessing (rhythm method, basal temperature, and cervical mucus charting) should be abandoned for methods that spell it out for you with more accuracy – like saliva or urine ovulation predictors. (I prefer saliva over urine since you can test at any time and you can reuse the saliva models.)

Consider Changing The Sexual Positions That You’ve Been Using To Conceive: Remembering that the boy sperm are weak, you need to use sexual positions that place the sperm as close to it’s intended destination as you can. This means deeper penetration. Often, I find that couples will try to conceive using the intercourse positions that worked to get them pregnant the last time. This is fine if gender is not important to you, but if you want a boy, use rear entry or positions in which the woman angles and elevates her legs to allow for a deeper deposit. Using a pillow under your pelvic area can help also.

It’s All About Your Acidity: Of these three variables, I believe that this is the most important one. I truly believe that if you’ve only conceived girls in the past, the first culprit that you should check is your PH. Boy sperm will quickly deteriorate and die off if your PH is too high and checking this is as easy as getting PH testing strips and then conducting the test as directed. This will tell you very quickly if you are naturally acidic (and most women are, but women prone to conceiving girls are usually even more so.)

Don’t be discouraged if this bears true for you, because you can change your level with a bit of diligence. There are basically two ways to go about this, but if your reading is very high and you want fast results, consider using both methods at once. You can either go on an alkaline / low PH diet or douche with solutions meant to lower your PH. There are food lists and douche recipes that can outline this. Baking soda is usually not enough. I know it’s very commonly used, but if you use baking soda and then use the testers again, you’ll usually see that your reading did not change all that dramatically. What usually does bring about the most dramatic changes is using the the douching and diet as sort of a one / two punch, used aggressively at the same time.

I know this can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. Use the tools available to you and approach this very methodically, addressing each variable until you’re at the level or at the timing you need to finally conceive your son.