How to Work the Imagination and Tease All of His Senses – Some Interesting Tips That Will Help You

A man’s thoughts, when not busy, are often preoccupied with sex. This happens more especially when he sees an extremely beautiful and curvaceous woman around. His thoughts go wild with the imagination of what it would be like to be in bed with this woman.

Appeal to his eyes
A man’s eyes get taken in very easily by a woman who is beautiful and sexy. Your dress would add to his lust for you just seeing how well the dress clings to your figure. Form and figure help trigger his senses and imagination.

Appeal to his ears
To appeal to this sense, your voice should be throaty and sexy as you speak in those enticingly low tones. At the same time the ring in your laughter should be catchy and inspiring. It should carry a lilt of cheer and light heartedness which men find so very attractive.

Your face and skin
Your face should be enchantingly done up with the right amount of eye shadow and eyeliner. Wear contact lenses if you need, to lend more appeal. The lips should have that glossy and wet look which triggers a guy’s imagination to how it would feel to kiss your lips.

Tease him with your sway
Develop a beautifully enticing sway to your walk. Let your hips give off that “come hither” look when you walk. His senses will trigger his imagination that he is touching you all over. His imagination will run wilder than intended.

The touch of your hair
Have your hair done up with care; shining and glowing and carrying a whiff of intoxicating perfume. If you have long hair then leave it open, he would love it. He would soon let his imagination fly wild with the thought of your hair all over him caressing his face and chest.

Speak to him with your eyes
Make your eyes speak the volumes that your voice will not be able to on this occasion. Gaze deeply into his eyes and tell him all you want to tell about your intentions. He will read every word you want to say without actually telling him so in that many words.

Some flirtatious tactics
There are some more tactics that you could resort to, to trigger off his imagination and senses. Lick your lips enticingly, or sip at your wine meaningfully. Run a finger down his arm or alongside his neck to send those shivers of excitement through his body. He would be highly worked up imagining all that he would love to do.

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