How to Win an Ex-Boyfriend Back While Pregnant

If you find yourself pregnant and alone because your boyfriend decided he wasn’t ready to be a family man, you are not alone. Thousands of young women find themselves in this situation every year, as our culture makes premarital sex more and more acceptable. In fact, in most cities it is a given that college aged kids, and even high school kids now, will be sexually active.

So how to win an ex-boyfriend back while carrying his child? There is no tried and true method that will bring him around to your side and put him in your arms…at least not right away. Many men will have a change of mind once the baby is born and they officially become a father. Fatherhood changes a man and many will want to take care of that baby and will realize they love you.

But how to win an ex-boyfriend back right away when you don’t want to wait? That will depend on your man and the reasons he left to begin with. If there are issues common to any couple such as someone feeling the other doesn’t respect them or someone had an affair, then it can be accomplished just as with any other relationship. Keep the lines of communication open, show them you care and really want them back, and try to work out the issues before you add the baby to the situation.

How to win an ex-boyfriend back when he is simply running away out of fear or conviction that he does not want to be a father yet is another story. The extent to which he is still in regular contact with you is going to determine how to win. An ex-boyfriend back in your life simply because he feels guilty about leaving you while pregnant is not the same as having an ex-boyfriend back because he truly loves you and wants to be back.

How to win an ex-boyfriend back when he is still talking to you daily and maybe even attending some prenatal doctor appointments will be easier than winning back an ex who has no interest in the pregnancy and will not speak to you.

If you are seeing your ex regularly let him know that you want him back without being obsessive or clingy. You don’t want to cry and beg him every time you see him…if at all! Try to show him what it would be like if you were together as a family, by having him help set up the nursery or pick out things the baby will need. Get him involved as much as possible, especially taking him to see the ultrasound which will be your first glimpse at your little baby. There is a chance a man interested in the pregnancy but still scared will come around before the baby is born, or soon after.

How to win an ex-boyfriend back when he has no interest in the baby and has abandoned you is much harder, if not impossible. If he has completely cut himself off from the baby there is less chance he will be changed by fatherhood. Try sending him ultrasound pictures and keeping him updated on the pregnancy, even if he does not respond. You do not want to constantly harass him, but you can’t disappear from his life either.